Pastor Pipeline

Churches have the responsibility to perpetuate the teachings of Christ and the Apostles by entrusting the gospel to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also (2 Tim 2:2). The Pastoral Pipeline at Lakewood Baptist Church is intended to encourage men to prepare for pastoral ministry under the guidance and authority of our local church and its elders. Each of the men in our pipeline is enrolled in a graduate-level theological training program at a theologically conservative seminary. Our church family has generously given toward an AMP Fund (Assisting Ministry Personnel) that provides scholarships that cover 50% of the cost of this education. During their time of ministry preparation, Pipeline members meet with the pastoral team to discuss books, talk ministry, brainstorm for ministry ideas, and workshop teaching sessions. Each member of the pipeline is actively involved in some sort of ministry at Lakewood, including deacon ministry, IT, teaching, children’s ministry, men’s discipleship, or teen ministry. 

The most important metric of any church is not how many people the auditorium can seat, but rather how many faithful laborers the church can send! While some of the men in our pipeline are pursuing future lay or staff pastoral roles in our church, we anticipate sending some of these brothers to serve other faithful bodies of Christ.

Current Pipeline Members

Joseph Abt

Caleb Huthmaker

Jacob Lozano

Taylor Pill

Adam Stoeckler

Dan Wallen

For more information about our Pastor Pipeline, please contact any member of the Lakewood Pastoral Team.

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