Mission & Values


The Mission of Lakewood Baptist Church is “Growing People through God’s Word.”

But it’s more than just a motto. It impacts everything that we do as a church family.

The ultimate purpose of Lakewood Baptist Church is to glorify God. To accomplish this purpose, the church is committed to the work of the Great Commission, the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus. For these ends, the church will diligently engage in evangelism (seeking the salvation of the lost through the preaching of the Gospel and personal witness), edification (strengthening believers through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word), regular prayer (expressing our corporate dependence on God and seeking His strength), fellowship (the mutual care of believers in the context of biblically loving relationships), and worship (extolling the greatness and goodness of God both corporately in regular public services and personally in individual spiritual service).

Core Values

Adoring Christ

God created mankind to worship him. God is worthy of all worship since he is our creator, redeemer, and eternally perfect in every way. At Lakewood, we recognize that every action should glorify our God. We strive to reflect his greatness and goodness in our corporate gatherings and personal life.

Knowing Christ

Expositional preaching and teaching is the practice of teaching the Bible verse by verse so that the original meaning of the text can be understood and applied in the 21st century. This type of teaching is at the heart of Lakewood. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and the whole of it should be taught so that we can fully learn of God’s plan.

Proclaiming Christ

The mission of the church is to go to all peoples and make disciples by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and gathering these disciples into local churches so that they would worship the Lord and obey all his teachings now and forever to the glory of God the Father. We seek to share the good news of the gospel both locally and globally.

Serving Christ

After salvation, the Christian life is one of good works. Every Christian uses their gifts, talents, and resources to serve others. This includes service within the church and also acts of goodness throughout the community.


We are a Baptist church. Being a Baptist is not a cult, denomination, political group, nor does it automatically make someone a Christian. Baptist is a label that helps others define what our church believes. Historically, Baptist churches have believed in the authority of God’s Word, the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ, baptism by immersion in water after salvation as a symbol of identification as a believer in Jesus, and independence of church governance so that the church does not answer to an outside authority. There are other titles that could be given to churches like this, but “Baptist” is the historic name. Thus, we have chosen to identify with these beliefs.

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