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Perfect Vibes

Posted by Dave Marriott on

Conservative churches in suburbia can sometimes give off the vibe that we have it all together — that nobody has children on the verge of abandoning Christ, that nobody is abusing prescription drugs, that nobody is depressed or wondering if it’s really worth it to follow Jesus...

On Fish-Fries & Consumer Christians

Posted by Dave Marriott on

Perhaps it’s a Friday night, and you’re looking for a nicer restaurant in order to enjoy a Wisconsin tradition — the fish fry. You call ahead to get a reservation, you manage to land a babysitter, and then you and your spouse embark for a night out on the town. Let me ask...

God finishes what He starts...

Posted by Dave Marriott on

Every Christian can say, “God, the first and effectual mover in my salvation, will finish in me what He started.” “…being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” -Philippians...

Loving & Serving the Chronically Ill

Posted by Dave Marriott on

A Christian who has battled a painful chronic illness for many years has compiled the following list to help our church know how to best care for members of our spiritual family that are hurting in similar ways. I think the honesty in this list will be helpful for many that are desirous to...

Slipping Feet and Strengthened Feet

Posted by Isaiah Lewis on

Sometimes apostasy feels like just a step away, doesn’t it? While we rejoice to sing He Will Hold Me Fast on a given Sunday, from our limited human perspective, we don’t always “feel” like we are secure. In those moments, the incomplete picture of reality with which we...

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