God's Word established an office of the church called pastor or elder, and charged these men with the responsibility of leading the church. Pastors are servants of Christ and the church and view their tasks as spiritual ministries for the Lord. The pastors manage and shepherd the church by teaching biblical truth (Titus 1:9); modeling Christ-like behavior (1 Timothy 3:2); maintaining doctrinal purity (Acts 20:29-30); disciplining unrepentant believers (Galatians 6:1); praying for those who are ill  (James 5:13-15); attending to the spiritual, physical, material and social needs of the congregation; developing future spiritual leaders (2 Timothy 2:2); promoting missions; seeking to discern God's will concerning the vision and direction of the church; and overseeing financial matters (Acts 11:30).


Ministry Team

Joe Abt
Assistant to the Pastors
Jonah Scott
Assistant to the Pastors
Sharon Wuttke
Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Meinhardt
Director of Children's Ministry
Lydia Sawa
Director of Women's Ministry
Beth Oezer
Director of Nursery