Hands for Hope

Hands for Hope is a ministry to strengthen the foster families of Lakewood Baptist Church. By providing meaningful support in the areas of meals, babysitting, household chores and transportation, some of the stress a foster family experiences can be alleviated. By helping to lighten the load and providing consistent prayer for each fostering family, the families are enabled to provide care longer and stronger.

Lakewood Baptist Church families have been providing foster care for many years. These families have done so with support from congregation members as needs have developed. Hands for Hope was created to add a level of predictable support. This ministry has provided Care Communities for 7 different fostering families. As the number of foster families at Lakewood continues to grow, we pray that Hands for Hope will be able to support more families – to care for vulnerable children in Jesus’ name.

LBC’s Hands for Hope has partnership with ‘Welcomed’ to structure and promote this ministry. To learn more please watch this 2-minute video:

Care Community Roles

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If you would like to learn more and would consider volunteering once a month as part of a Care Community, please sign up. A member of the HFH support team will follow-up with you.

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