Lakewood Young Adults

This season of education and preparation for future life and ministry is vital to the life of a young adult. As a church, we believe that we have a stewardship responsibility to and for these students.

What is the Lakewood Young Adults?

Lakewood views out-of-town college students as “on loan” from other Bible-believing churches. This time of separation from their home church amplifies the need for edification and accountability of local church membership.

It could be argued that such accountability is needed in greater measure during this formative season.

How Do I Join?

We encourage all students from any local college or university to make a commitment to Lakewood while in school. Unless providentially relocated, we desire for students to commit to our church family for an entire school year to mitigate a 'church-hopping' mentality.

This commitment will include:

  • A written testimony of conversion and believer’s baptism by immersion
  • An agreement to abide by our church’s doctrinal statement and covenant
  • Identification of the student's home church, along with the verbalization that any misconduct may be communicated to the leadership of their home church (as formal church discipline would still be their responsibility)

Benefits of the Lakewood Young Adults

Participants in the Lakewood Young Adults are then able to enjoy some of the privileges that are typically reserved for membership. They have the opportunity to freely minister (in such areas such as Sunday school, kids church, nursery, greeting, evangelism, etc.,). Further, we will endeavor to connect these students to families that will help to care for them while they are away from home.If you are interested in being part ofLakewood Young Adults or learning more about our burden behind this ministry, please communicate with Pastor Mitch.